Little Chicken Game Company
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Release date:
iOS - 2 October, 2017
Android - 1 April, 2019

iOS / tvOS


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Ever wanted to kickflip a car? We did and this is the result!

REKT makes doing tricks incredibly smooth and easy, and with super realistic physics it's easy to learn and hard to master. Get your landing right and power slide into the next trick for an incredible trick combo chain at a smooth 60 frames per second.

REKT challenges you to prove and improve your skills in three elaborate multilayered free roaming sandbox arenas. Dynamic challenges help you find new possibilities in the arena and experience classic trick gameplay mixed with races, challenges, and new ways to get that elusive next multiplier.

Designed with adaptive visuals that adjust to your driving, REKT offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. REKT comes with fifty cool automobiles, that are unlocked by your awesome trick scores. Drive off with that insane hot rod or crazy street racer - but only if you are worthy!

REKT is a single player arcade experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you want to test your skills, compete with players around the world on the global leaderboards!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more cars, arenas and challenges!


The inspiration for Rekt came from games with a lot of stunts and making great combos. Games like the San Fransisco Rush series proved as a starting point for the game. With a bunch of cool cars, ramps, loops and an ever ticking clock added to the mix, REKT! provides an old-school highscore challenge. The game is also influenced by the Tony Hawk Series, Skate, Rocket League and even Stunt Race FX.


  • Stunts, lots of 'em!
  • Fifty unlockable cars, and more to follow!
  • An almost endless amount of challenges
  • Super optimized graphics for a smooth gameplay experience
  • Loads of different wheels and spoilers to customize your ride
  • Upgrade your car to make it suit your driving style
  • Apple Gamecenter / Google Play Game Services
  • Cloudsyncing


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay - Red Fury - Stunt Arena YouTube

Gameplay - Cabbie - The Bowl YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "The game's beautiful futuristic aesthetic design combined with an exciting sandbox freedom to just barrel-roll around playgrounds resulted in something that Jared explained as "if Jet Car Stunts had a baby with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater warehouse level""
    - Rob Funnell, Touch Arcade
  • "It's like a mash up of Rocket League, a skateboarding game, and a mobile title. And it works really, really well."
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer UK
  • "REKT! is proving to be a nice distraction throughout the day. It takes skateboard style tricks and applies them to rad looking vehicles for a unique gameplay concept that ends up being fun and hard to put down."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice

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About Little Chicken Game Company

Little Chicken is an Amsterdam (Holland) based game company, specialised in the development of digital entertainment. Our portfolio boasts recent mobile games like REKT, Runespell: Overture and Royal Dutch Airlines’ Aviation Empire Platinum, and PC games like the upcoming RTS Cannaboss. We also have a sizeable footprint in VR and AR, with the Albert Heijn ‘Dino’s’ application as standout example.

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REKT! High Octane Stunts Credits

Yannic van den Berg
Programming, Design

Yannis Bolman
Visuals, Modelling, Design

Tomas Sala
Visual effects

Michiel Frankfort
Additional programming

Bas Roding
Additional programming

Joran de Raaff
Additional programming

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