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27 June, 2019



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Scruffy the dog has taken up the firefighters’ call! Take a nostalgic trip through the beautiful great outdoors as you cruise through the sky in this thrilling forest rescue. Fill your water tank to the brim by diving into lakes and tackle deadly forest fires as you duck, weave, and soar through narrow caves and endless skies! Be a hero! Save the forest! Rescue Wings lets you take to the skies with planes ranging from cool to crazy: Rocket fueled jets, stealth bombers, UFO's, and even a propeller toting avocado!

Rescue Wings! was originated out of what we call "vrijspel" here at Little Chicken. It's a gamejam we do to create new IPs. We wanted to make a bomber game but did not like the violence, so we switched it up to saving the world from forest fires instead! We love a good challenge so the levels in Rescue Wings definitely become more and more difficult. Being very competitive ourselves in games like Rocket League and online Chess, we love that we got the chance to implement a full competitive mode where players can improve their play and explore the full depth of the game!


  • SAVE THE FOREST: Fly Scruffy as far as you can without crashing or missing a fire - the further you fly the greater the reward!
  • EARN YOUR WINGS: Level up Scruffy to unlock over 16 unique and wonderful planes!
  • BRILLIANT BOOSTS: Power up your loadout with 6 different boosts to aid your mission!
  • TEST YOUR SKILLS: Unlock over 15 levels and be the best! 3 star them all to unlock the fiendishly difficult time trials!
  • COMPETITIVE: Test your skills by challenging other players and earn season rewards!


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Development Blog Posts
Interested in how Rescue Wings is made? Check out these short dev posts by Joris van Leeuwen. twitter.com.

About Little Chicken Game Company

Little Chicken is an Amsterdam (Holland) based game company, specialised in the development of digital entertainment. Our portfolio boasts recent mobile games like REKT, Runespell: Overture and Royal Dutch Airlines’ Aviation Empire Platinum, and PC games like the upcoming RTS Cannaboss. We also have a sizeable footprint in VR and AR, with the Albert Heijn ‘Dino’s’ application as standout example.

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Rescue Wings! Credits


Joris van Leeuwen
Programming, Design

Bas Roding

Yannis Bolman
Concept Art, Modelling

Isabella Koelman
Concept Art, UI

Tobias van der Meer
3D Artist

Chaya Jagroep
3D Artist

Rutger Stegenga
3D Artist, Special Effects

Valentijn Muijrers
Level Design

Joran de Raaff
Level Design

Ruben Bergshoeff

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