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August 22nd 2018



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Construct the beat and unleash the music! Enter the virtual space of Track Lab and discover your ultimate untapped talent… the ability to create original music in seconds.  With no musical training required; players can create beats from scratch simply by moving musical building blocks around in their virtual environment. Satisfied with your efforts? Mix and combine them on the fly to create full blown tracks and share them with the world... Making music has never been this easy! Composing music is a truly embodied experience in Track Lab. A simple toolkit and an extensive set of sample tracks is all you need to be able to explore new ways of making music. Track Lab is unlike any other musical experience, through the power of PS VR you can create beats and tracks that not only sound great but are truly original. Not only can you feel the rhythm, you can actually see it unfold in the world around you.


1998, Original prototype

Track Lab was inspired by a concept imagined by Senne de Jong, one of the Little Chicken founders. He came up with this during his college days. The original game was devised in such a way that you could send a beam through a set of samples and have them bounce around using mirrors and splitters. It was a fun way to experiment with making music in a non-linear way. It was also a great way to make puzzles using audio, however this was very much a 2D concept and the idea was shelved.

2016, Start of development

Another one of the Little Chicken founders, Tomas Sala, was eager to update the game and use technology to make it feel more modern and cutting edge. The team agreed that VR felt like the right platform to bring it to life as you could actually be at the centre of the music you were creating.


  • Intuitive and easy to use, gesture based system: simply pick up samples and stack them on a grid to create a track as the sound beam moves through them
  • Make music using sample sets in various musical styles like Techno, Hip-hop, Rock and many more
  • With the unique DJ-Booth players have access to a multitude of tools that allow for creation of music in a totally new way
  • 2x modes available – Evolver and Creation
  • Evolver mode offers a guided first contact with music creation in Track Lab. You will learn new patterns and musical constructs by solving puzzles in different musical genres using the Lab’s numerous tools. It’s an ideal stepping stone to the Creation mode
  • In Creation mode, players can use the entire Track Lab toolset to create their own compositions. You can edit tracks unlocked in Evolver mode or create your own from scratch and mix them using the Lab’s SFX modules
  • Share and perform, Music is meant to be heard! Create and stream performances through PSN and let the world hear your music


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Sony blogpost
Announcement blogpost on the playstation website. blog.eu.playstation.com.

About Little Chicken Game Company

Little Chicken is an Amsterdam (Holland) based game company, specialised in the development of digital entertainment. Our portfolio boasts recent mobile games like REKT, Runespell: Overture and Royal Dutch Airlines’ Aviation Empire Platinum, and PC games like the upcoming RTS Cannaboss. We also have a sizeable footprint in VR and AR, with the Albert Heijn ‘Dino’s’ application as standout example.

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